Experiential Pop-Up Shops & the Impact on Online Retail


In the world of online retail, brands need to find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Over 40% of the United States retail market takes place online and continues to grow exponentially each year. Consumers spend over $517.36 billion annually online shopping (Digital Commerce 360).

Online brands are quickly adapting to the fast-paced culture of online retail by utilizing social media trends and strategies to elevate their brands. However, brands can be constantly drowned by competitors because they are relying on the online world to build brand awareness and a target market.

Experiential pop-up shops are catalysts for creating a market niche and building brand awareness.

When consumers are able to engage with a brand and the merchandise at pop-ups, the connections that are built with the brand are incomparable to their competitors.

Pop-up shops not only boost revenue, but create relationships to consumers through interactive experiences that leave lasting impressions.


The benefits of a pop-up shop go past short-term sales goals. Limited edition shops can create long term business strategies like a curation of an online marketing campaign, develop customer relationship management & improve sales data analytics


Being able to understand a consumers thought process when purchasing a piece at a pop-up shop can impact the online store presentation & the product sales.

Rowboat Creative is always looking for new ways to build experiential pop-up shops for the brands we work with. If you’re interested in learning more about our experiential branding opportunities & curating an event together, reach out to us!

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Written by Stephanie Cucinella