In 2006, Lucas Guariglia and Joe Zangrilli started Rowboat Creative in Chicago, IL, in the same manner as many small-business owners: in a basement. 

    The pair met years ago as they were pursuing careers in the music industry. As fate would have it, Guariglia and Zangrilli received the same Christmas gift one year: a Speedball beginner's screen printing kit. Having both graduated with college degrees in photography, media art and design, they were eager to dig into the new field.

    "Joe and I have always been the business-minded 'art kids," Guariglia says. "With almost 10 years under our belts as full-time touring musicians, we noticed that a bands main source of income had shifted from record sales to touring only and merchandising. An outside vendor would mark up the garments, print them, and then charge us for them. Joe and I knew we could figure out the art-form/process and not only cut out the middleman, but provide better quality, customer service, and most importantly, a better knowledge of the very industry we were operating within."

    Their plan worked right out of the chute. Guariglia and Zangrilli began reaching out to whomever they could find to help provide a superior service in comparison to what they were used to. Word spread, the client base and production floor grew and diversified fairly rapidly. Intelligent, strategic, and aggressive expansion took place and has not let up since. 

    Rowboat Creative has grown to occupy over 60,000 square feet in Chicago's Logan Square Industrial Corridor and has not only become a staple in the decorated apparel/merchandising industry, but is consistently regarded as one of the industries fastest growing. 

    With superior customer service, quality, and a "we can find a way" attitude at the forefront of Rowboat Creative's business philosophies, we are proud to offer our services to not only some of the world's largest corporations, but to a long roster of some of the largest performing artists in the music industry. Whether your brand is in its fledgling stages, or if you are servicing Fortune 500 clients, the same core values are in place:



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