Custom Printing Method

at Chicago’s Creative Merch Company


Dye sublimation is an advanced imprint technology that allows apparel and merchandise to be customized with designs, branding, and colors that are heat-infused directly into fabric giving a no feel imprint on the merchandise.

The printing method is perfect for active-wear, and any garments and substrates that are composed of 100% polyester or contain a poly coating. Give your team or branded garments the boldest and brightest imprints in the industry with this process.

At Rowboat Creative, are proud to offer all-over sublimation on almost all sizes and garments with extremely vibrant colors and no color-count constraints. Let your imagination run wild and colorful!

Not sure if dye sublimation is the right process for your merchandise production needs?

Reach out to a branding specialists.

NOTE: Due to the process involved with dye sublimation, imperfections should be expected and welcomed when sublimating on fully-constructed garments/blanks. The expected variances become part of the art-form itself and help to create one-of-a-kind pieces for each and every imprint. Some variances to expect:

• Creases exposing the garment (white) fabric near seams, edges, and collars

• Single sided imprints will leave the original garment color on the non-printed side

• Shifting can occur and we do not recommend aligning any graphics front-to-back

• Multiple art setups may be necessary if you are looking for the same coverage/imprint layout when dealing with multiple sizes such as S and 4XL

• Due to the large scale of this imprinting method, we recommend final artwork that is at least 150 dpi at print size. Our sublimation department is capable of sublimating up to 44" x 64"


Looking for large-format panel/fabric sublimation for cut & sew?
We can certainly help. Ask a branding specialist for more details.