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Est. 2006.


Rowboat Creative focuses on company to client relationships, high quality control, and innovative branding through our full-service creative merchandising offerings. Whether you are looking for high-volume apparel decoration, full-spectrum merchandising, creative design and event build out, Rowboat Creative is your branded merchandise partner.


With Rowboat Creative

your brand will exist, grow, and be realized.



• Contract Apparel Decorating
Screen Printing (waterbase, plastisol, discharge, chino base)
Dye Sublimation
DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing
Promotional Branded Items
Brand Identity Development
• Cut and Sew
• Advanced printing techniques (foil printing, flocking, burnout, vinyl transfer, custom sprays, dip dye)




We’re dedicated to exploring beyond traditional branding methods to approach merchandise more creatively.


The most commonly used ink. Plastisol inks are exceptional for printing opaque imprints on dark fabrics.

Plastisol inks are not water-soluble and must be cured to dry.

Water baseD / Discharge

Water based ink and discharge printing provide incredibly soft custom prints for screen printing services.

Water based inks are environmentally safe and blend the ink to the fabric, removing the feeling of a texture on lighter garments.

Discharge printing removes and bleaches out garments dyes out of dark garments to reveal an imprint. Expanding the ability to print colors without an underbase to give a softer imprint.


We are proud to offer Direct to Garment (DTG) printing on both light and dark garments at Rowboat Creative.

DTG printing uses special water based apparel inks to print directly to your garment.

The process does not transfer or heat press material. Full color prints are now possible at an affordable price with low minimum order requirements.


Embroidery is a unique way to give your merchandise a customized look. Create brand merchandise that utilizes embroidery as a apparel feature unlike any other.

Rowboat Creatives fast turnaround time on embroidery gives you the ability to increase your custom brand merchandise with a classic and timeless look but a high-end feel.





Dye sublimation is an advanced full-color imprinting technique wherein your custom artwork infuses into the garment and substrate.

Specialized inks that convert into gas form when subject to high heat and pressure are used to blend your art into the merchandise. Through the sublimation process, the dye particles adhere to any polyester fibers. Unlike other forms of garment decorating, dye sublimation does not leave any feel to the imprint.

Learn more about Dye Sublimation and get in touch with a branding specialist to open up your account.


Rowboat Creative is proudly one of the only facilities in the Chicago-land area to produce all-over dye sublimation up to 64" W x 44" H.




Focus on growing your brand by leaving the logistics up to us.

For fulfillment services, we can easily assist in having pre-existing merchandise transferred to our facilities. We can then craft a specific fulfillment & warehousing structure that works hand-in-hand for your business, brand, or needs.

Our fulfillment & warehousing departments currently offer the following services:
• Warehousing
• Online Order Fulfillment
• Retail Ready Packs
• Pick, Pack, & Ship
• Kitting
• Customized Blind Shipping
• Folding & Bagging
•Freight Consolidate & Forwarding
• Inventory Management
• And much more






Looking for additional branded products such as water bottles, pens, sunglasses, etc. to add to your tour package, corporate event, or to simply help your brand stand out from the rest? Our branding specialists here at Rowboat Creative have over 30 years of experience in the industry and will help develop focused solutions for your marketing challenges.

The use of branded promotional products as an advertising medium increases brand interest up to 70%.



Couple your branded promotional products/decorated apparel with our full-service fulfillment, kitting, and warehousing services and leave the logistics to us!

Check out our fulfillment section for more information.