Meet the community that keeps Rowboat growing.

Joe FreshGoods X Rowboat Creative

March 12, 2019

The studio was designed to bridge the merchandise, artwork and installation together through an engaging photo booth where Rowboat incorporated the Joe FreshGoods, 'Don’t Be Mad Chicago’ design in the buildout.


Joe FreshGoods teamed up with us to create a streetwear studio workshop for AT&T’s 312 day.

Havas X Rowboat Creative

March 1, 2019

We partnered with Havas to bring an exclusive experiential branding activation to their Chicago office for employee appreciation day.

We were able to build with the employees to create truly unique merchandise that represented their individuality and it’s connection to Havas.

Take a look into Lab 36!


Rowboat Collective: Volume I

Enjoy the first volume of a monthly playlist curated by the people who make the Rowboat Collective so strong. The staff in our production house.

Volume one features the top 5 songs you must have. Songs you’re currently listening to, songs you always will have in your music, the top five songs of all time, the choices were unlimited.


Nonpoint X Rowboat Creative

February 25, 2019

Rowboat Creative was able to provide a variety of screen printed tees and embroidered hats with unique designs that captured Nonpoint’s brand, sound and personality.


Lucas caught up with Elias from Nonpoint to talk about merchandise and how influential it can be to musicians and touring.

[Merch] is probably one of the most valuable keys to our tour package - without it theres no point to us being out”